Opening new locations is hard. But it doesn’t have to be.

Here are some of the major challenges with the current process of opening new locations:

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Manual Tracking

Launching new locations required extensive use of Excel spreadsheets with master checklists, nested checklists, and multiple sheets, leading to potential errors and oversight.

Coordination Difficulties Icon

Coordination Difficulties

Keeping track of personnel responsible for each task was cumbersome and often resulted in miscommunication and tasks falling through the cracks.

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Status Management

Monitoring the status of each location's launch was complex and lacked realtime updates, causing delays and confusion.

Missed Deadlines icon

Missed Deadlines

Without automated reminders and notifications, key deadlines were frequently missed, delaying the launch of new locations.

Lack of Centralized Data Icon

Lack of Centralized Data

Data related to the launch process was scattered across various documents and platforms, making it difficult to access and analyze comprehensive information.

Limited Insight Icon

Limited Insight

Franchisors had limited visibility into the progress and performance of each launch, hindering their ability to make informed decisions and adjustments.

Inefficient Collaboration icon

Inefficient Collaboration

Collaboration between teams and stakeholders was fragmented, resulting in misalignment and inefficiencies throughout the launch process.

Roadblock Resolution Icon

Roadblock Resolution

Identifying and addressing roadblocks in a timely manner was challenging, often leading to further delays and complications in the launch process.

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That’s why we built LoLa!

A comprehensive solution that empowers franchisors to launch new locations with ease and precision.

Launch new locations with ease

We like to call this COFF: Create Once and Forget Forever.

Create the Master Template

Create the Master Template

Start by defining the phases of your launch process and breaking them down into individual tasks.

Set Task Durations

Set Task Durations

Assign specific durations to each task to monitor if the new location launch is on track.

Create the Master Template

Assign Responsibilities

Decide who is responsible for each task—whether it’s the location’s team or an internal member.

Set Task Durations

Define Target Launch Date

Set a target date for the new location's launch, and watch the launch process unfold smoothly and efficiently.

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How does LoLa change the game?

Whether you're launching one new location or multiple, the Location Launcher scales seamlessly to meet your needs. Enjoy the flexibility to expand your franchise network without compromising on efficiency.

Faster  Turnaround

Faster Turnaround

By centralizing launch plans and providing a clear roadmap for implementation, the Location Launcher enables franchisors to expedite the launch process. Experience faster turnaround times and get your new locations up and running in record time.

Timely  Execution

Timely Execution

With built-in deadlines and reminder notifications, we ensure that every task associated with launching a new location is completed on time. Say goodbye to missed deadlines and hello to streamlined operations.

Dashboard  Insights

Dashboard Insights

Dive deeper into the progress of each location’s launch with the Launch dashboard. Track key metrics, monitor task completion rates, and stay informed every step of the way.

Enhanced Collaboration

Enhanced Collaboration

This is a collaborative workspace! Assign tasks to your teams and ensure everyone is aligned towards the common goal and chase that target date down!

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See how LoLa can help you!

Don't just trust our words. Here's what the clients and friends are saying:

Joseph Jason

Wade Powell, COO at Slick City


"I am super excited about Delightree's platform! What a game changer it will be for us and our network!"

Joseph Jason

Jonathan from Beem Light Sauna


"Delightree's seamless technology empowers every member of our franchise to enhance their skills, ensure consistency in quality, and drive the collective success of our brand."

Joseph Jason

Frank Fiume, Founder of i9 Sports


"Wow! I'm really impressed! I wish Delightree was around when I was starting out. It would've saved me a lot of headache."

Joseph Jason

Peniamina Mobley from The Picklr


"Onboarding with Delightree was incredibly smooth and efficient. We're excited to use Delightree to streamline our operations; making it easier for us to open new Picklr locations."

Joseph Jason

Erin Render, CEO of Legato Living


"The onboarding process was a breeze due to the support of the Customer Success team! It wasn't a matter of overselling and under delivering like we've experienced in the past. Looking forward to continuing to develop it!"

Joseph Jason

Sarah from Hawaii Fluid Art


"You guys have no idea how easy this makes everything for me now...I'm obsessed!...Look at how awesome it looks!"

Experience the change with LoLa

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