Welcome to Delightree
Welcome to Delightree

We Help You Simplify Your F'ing* World

Trusted by growing businesses & franchises across the USA

An All-in-One F'ing* Tech Platform

Designed exclusively for emerging franchise businesses looking to scale without compromising their brand promise; making their journey of opening and managing locations effortless.

Launch New Locations, Faster

On-Board and Train Your Teams

Achieve Operational Excellence

Elevate Franchise Communication

For Launching New Locations

Effortlessly launch and manage new locations. Our Location Launcher simplifies the process, replicating success for franchise expansion.

Customizable Process Flows
Central Brand Knowledge Base
Real-Time Monitoring
"Delightree's Location Launcher simplifies and accelerates new franchise openings effortlessly!"
Multi-location Owner
Hoppin' Brands

For On-Boarding and Training Teams

Streamline onboarding and training with dynamic modules. Delightree ensures everyone's success, welcoming new or upskilling existing team members.

Dynamic Training Modules
Interactive Learning
Progress Tracking
"Delightree's comprehensive training modules are a game-changer for our team's ongoing success."
Franchising Team
Big Peach

Unlocking Business Insights for Success

Keep the pulse of your business with our comprehensive Business Insights.

Locations Opened
Customer Satisfaction
Business Hours Saved
Team Members Empowered

For Task Scheduling and Automation

Farewell to manual tasks. Task automation empowers you to automate processes, ensuring consistency and operational excellence across franchise locations.

Workflow Automation
Integration Capabilities
Smart Notifications
"Task Automation with Delightree revolutionizes our operations, saving valuable time and ensuring consistency."
Location Owner
Crave America

For Communication and Engagement

Seamlessly connect, collaborate, and engage across teams and locations. Elevate franchise communication, fostering teamwork and culture.

1 to 1, 1 to Many, and Many to Many Options
Customizable Spaces
Campaign Management

Unified Success: Tailored Solutions for Every Role

Unlock tailored solutions crafted to elevate your franchise experience, streamline operations, and drive unparalleled success with ease.

For Emerging Franchisors

Position for growth with tailored solutions. Delightree empowers emerging franchisors for success.

For Franchise Owners

Elevate management with Delightree. Efficient operations and seamless scalability empower franchise owners.

For Frontline Teams

Empower teams with Delightree for efficient communication, engagement, and collaboration.


"With Delightree beem®'s franchise network users will effortlessly navigate through customized training modules, track their progress in real-time, manage day-to-day studio operations and access vital resources anytime, anywhere!"

Jonathan DiBernard
Training and Development Specialist
Beem Light Sauna

"The onboarding process was a breeze due to the support of the Customer Success team! It wasn't a matter of overselling and under delivering like we've experienced in the past."

Erin Render
Chief Executive Officer
Legato Living

"I am super excited about Delightree's platform! What a game changer it will be for us and our network!"

Wade Powell
Chief Operating Officer
Slick City

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