Powerful Features that Empower your Frontline Teams

Built specifically for multi-location & franchise businesses. Organise, share & update all your company knowledge in real-time.

Personalised views basis roles & bookmarks

A chef, or server, floor manager, or instructor - each get their personalised views with notifications on content updates, SOPs most relevant to them & even bookmarked resources they frequently use.

Google Search but better, built for your business!

Powerful global search that sniffs through each line of text, even file names - not just your chapter or topic titles. If you search "dry vegetables" - result suggestions across categories like "training" or "daily SOPs" will come up. Pick the most relevant results you need NOW!

Enrich Manuals & Training with Videos, Images, Attachments

From training videos, machine setup steps to links to your distributor logins - Add images, videos, pdfs, external links to excels and even gifs!

Everything organised within categories & roles

From daily checklists to maintenance docs organise everything in categories & chapters. Tag chapters with roles like chefs, servers, trainers or managers & they see only content relevant to them.

Single source of truth, always updated

Share SOPs in a single click

Creating a new leave policy, COVID-protocols or weekly sanity SOPs? Simply create a new chapter & share with all relevant employees - via email or phone.

Users get notified when SOPs are updated

Updating company policies or how to operate the new cash register? Once you update, all employees with roles tagged to these chapters get notified instantly!

Bundle content to create role specific trainings

Grab chapters across modules like how to clock out, using POS, starting expresso machine, OSHA break forms in a bundle like "Location manager onboarding".

We notify you when users can't find resources

Drive through cleaning checklist, Superman crunches, or anything else your team searches & can't find results - we send all these searches to you! Update or add new content your team actually needs.

Convert any SOP into an actionable ToDo list

Setting up the ice-machine or store opening SOPs - with a single click any checklist converts to a real-time to-do list your employees can tick-off as they complete each step!

All your employee records in 1 place

Within Delightree dashboard, get access to all your employees, their roles & personal details in a single click.

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