A new way to manage multiple locations

Create & track tasks, auto-identify issues and keep your team on the same page.

*Free for fast-growing businesses with less than 100 locations

Rolled out new menu in 2 days across 114 locations

"Delightree has transformed the way we do things internally.  It is an essential upgrade for all franchise businesses"

 Ahmed Raza, Barbeque Nation

Create and assign tasks across locations or employees

Directly reach people with what they need to do and within the deadline - no more emails, WhatsApp and intranet, 

A beauty salon chain rolls out new offers every month across 100+ locations effortlessly.

Managing locations on autopilot - track and reinforce 

Your employees can simply click a picture for the task completed. You only focus on people and locations that need help!

A cafe automates real-time audits across 30 locations in minutes.

DelightBot will constantly monitor and notify you when an issue arises

We know you're busy and hence our bot will be looking at your customer feedback and will let each location know what needs attention in real-time. 

A food chain increased NPS across low rated stores by acting on tasks created by our bot. 


NPS increased by 18% across all locations

“We can see exactly what needs to be done and when. We're much more efficient. Transparency and communication has increased.”

Location Manager, Coldstone Creamery

Superpowers built for modern franchise teams 

Execute things 10X faster

Directly reach out to the cashiers across all locations and get things done.

Improve customer experience

Bot will auto detect issues from your reviews and notify the relevant people at the location

Manage locations on auto-pilot

We monitor each location and ping you when something needs your attention

Managing multiple locations made simple. Try it now for free

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