Onboard, Train Teams & Track Progress Effortlessly

Ton of paper work to onboard new joinees? Got that single computer where everyone takes turns to watch training videos? HR or Payroll documents changing frequently?

With a high churn rate in Franchises, these manual repeatative tasks eat away all your time. Well, with Delightree, everything is automated!

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Onboarding New Joinees is Completely Automated

If you're managing multiple restaurants, salons or gyms, you're probably hiring 3-4 workers every week. Setup a one-time onboarding process by creating tasks for new joinees & all their details are organized and saved for easy access by your HR team.

Link HR, Payroll, Compliance Docs

Create simple tasks, checklists & forms, where new joinees fill their details, agree and e-sign from the app, and everything is recorded.

Training Manuals & Guides

Link important operations guides from dress codes, equipment manuals, to shift management, that new joinees need to read.

Automate New Joinee Trainings with Modules, and Track Progress

Delightree acts as your virtual assistant, training new joinees, recording their performance, and notifying you on their progress.

Introduce new joinees with simple tasks around storing food, restocking inventory, or maintenance work.

Connect training videos and guides with first time tasks like setting up a coffee machine, updating the POS, or simple kitchen receipes.

Create training modules with videos and guides, and take small quizzes after each module to access their progress.

Know which new joinees are struggling with their training and schedule sessions with your store managers.

Keep your Staff Updated with Latest Training Modules

Have a new coffee machine, ice-machine, or gym equipments where your staff need to be trained? Delightree allows you to add images, videos, and guideline documents so that everyone stays informed.

Get your staff trained on new equipments or processes with images, videos and guideline documents.

Ensure your staff always follow compliance guidelines around food safety and COVID sanitizations.

Take quick spot quizzes, asking your staff to answer specific questions around a task to make sure they know it well.

Delightree digitizes all your franchise brand training material, access responses and figure who all need further assistance.

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We understand your specific franchise operational needs, help you setup your first set of tasks and workflows for smooth team onboarding.

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