Broadcast Announcements with Real-time Chat

Speak to a single member or teams across locations remotely. Send images, voice recordings and check who all saw your messages. You can even attach important tasks directly within an announcement!

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Communicate Effectively with your Staff

Have an external audit scheduled? Need to call an emergency store meeting? Or ask your staff to get umbrellas on a rainy day! Create a quick announcement, select the teams or specific members within seconds and engage in real-time discussions with your team.

Attach images, documents and even voice recordings!

All members marked get notified instantly, and you can check who all saw the announcement.

All chats are saved, and with a global search you can look back at previous announcements.

Follow-up with Members for Incomplete Tasks

If your team is having a busy week, low priority tasks often get overlooked. Proactively remind them to complete these.

Some of your ground staff missed to fill out their Payroll Documents.

Few of your new joinees still haven't submitted all their HR Documents

Ground Staff in some of your locations haven't filled their OSHA Break Forms

Delightree Announcements allow you to talk to groups in a single go and ensures your Finance, HR or Compliance processes are never blocked.

Grab Team's Attention for Urgent Tasks

Say you need all your floor managers to update their store displays for an Audit or a Store launch? Simply add an existing task to an announcement, and all the selected members get notified instantly.

Control the pulse of your team remotely, and prioritise what needs to be done immediately.

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We understand your specific franchise operational needs, help you setup your first set of tasks and workflows for smooth team onboarding.

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