Digitize Restaurant Operations with Delightree

COVID-19 has transformed how Restaurant Owners manage Operations - and Mobile Tech is solving for remote management with reduced staff.

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Join Franchise Owners using Delightree across 100+ locations from brands like...

Automate Restaurant Routine Tasks & Operations

From Store Opening SOPs to checking inventory - create tasks & set them on repeat!

Live Pictures, Checklists & Forms help you verify remotely, if tasks are done correctly.

Keep Stores Complaint to all Regulations, even COVID

Run Internal Audits, Track Incidents & reduce 80% of physical store inspections.

Win Back Customer Confience by showcasing COVID-19 sanity tasks on Live Dashboards!

Our Customers Speak

"Store walks, inventory checks, audits and covid checklist, Delightree has automated everything, saving 80% of our time!"
Ahmed Raza,
Franchise owner, Subway
"Post COVID, managing compliance & operations like SOPs & Routine Tasks, remotely has only been possible because of Delightree!"
Binnie Ghumen,
Franchise Owner, 7-Eleven
"Within a week of using Delightree for 1 of our locations, we bought it for all 4. Makes day to day operations much simpler, all our staff love it."
John Castello,Owner,

Join 100+ Franchise Owners & Run Your Locations on Autopilot

Save 80% Time in Micromanaging

Save 100s of $ with Proactive Maintenance

Always be Audit Ready - with all Task History saved

Dedicated Concierge Service to help you get started