Manage Your Entire Team in a Single App

Bye-bye paper checklists, whatsapp groups or excel sheets. Hello Delightree - all your franchise operations managed across locations, remotely!

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Codify all SOPs into simple tasks

From cleaning restrooms to checking Cash Registers - Set task time and repeat mode on. All your tasks get assigned to respective team members and they get notified, everyday. Delightree tells you every morning that everything's done!

Link manuals, documents - make them e-sign documents within Delightree, via integration with your HR or payroll software.

Check Task Progress and Verify Task Quality

See what's on your team's plate. Get notified when tasks are complete. Verify task quality of teams by downloading images, documents, and form answers submitted along with tasks.

Create Tasks with Real-time Pictures, Checklists, Forms & more!

All Store Equipment Maintained Proactively

From HVAC or defrosting the freezers, cleaning the ice machine to maintaining all your store equipments - Everything is done as scheduled tasks with live pictures clciked by your staff.

Delightree acts as your virtual assistant while you run internal audits and train your teams for spot checks.

Now save on Hundreds of Dollars spent every month on repairing faulty equipment!

"We have automated all our  opening and closing procedures on Delightree”

We've worked hand-in-hand with Franchise Managers to build the most effective task automation app.

Ahmed Raza,

Franchise owner, Subway

Set Task Times & Assign to one or many

Set Repeat specific days, or weeks, or dates

Add Images, Docs, Forms, Checklists

Get Notified when Tasks are complete

Keep Stores COVID-19 Safe & Audit Compliant

Display your COVID Checklists to your customers when they walk into your stores - win back their trust. Convert all your OSHA, WHO & CDC guidelines into repeatable tasks - to make sure you're always compliant.

Delightree stores your past Task History Data so that you can always be prepared for Audits!

Learn more about Audits
Learn more about Audits

Talk to your teams & share Urgent Tasks

Talk to someone specific, teams within a store, or make announcements across locations within Delightree. Need everyone to sign urgent payroll documents, or prep up for an audit? Simply add these tasks within announcements - so that everyone gets notified instantly.

Delightree makes communication hassle-free, while you operate everything remotely!

Explore Announcements
Explore Announcements

Never Forget Your Weekly or Monthly Tasks

Weekly inventory checks, updating your POS with sales numbers, or even checking for faulty equipments. With Delightree Checklists & Workflows - everything runs like clockwork!

Proactively tackle incomplete tasks, be ready for Audits & never lose $ on faulty equipments!

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We understand your specific franchise operational needs, help you setup your first set of tasks and workflows for smooth team onboarding.

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