Digitize & Automate Audits Across Locations Remotely

Tired of using binded audit manuals, workers cutting corners, field managers travelling multiple locations everyday? Most importantly, recording your audit history in excel or paper checklists - leaving you at risk for external audits.

With Delightree, you can now run weekly store audits virtually, track which stores are not compliant and even share real-time sanitization dashboards - to win back your customers in a post-COVID world.

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Run Internal Audits Virtually & Track Incidents

With WHO & CDC guidelines becoming more stringent post COVID, store locations need to run weekly internal audits, track issues, and be prepared for external audits. With Delightree, you can launch virtual store audits, which your store managers can complete - reducing 80% of your field agent's travel & hassles.

Prepare & Organize Internal Audit tasks focusing on Food Safety, Equipment Maintenance, Store Cleanliness to COVID guidelines.

With Delightree Forms and Images, track which locations are failing compliance standards, and plan physical inspections only to these locations.

If multiple locations are failing compliance on certain aspects like Equipment Maintenance, plan dedicated training sessions and followup with Training modules - with quizzes and videos using Delightree.

Always be prepared for external audits or surprise checks, and never fear losing your franchise license!

Cakewalk External Audits with all Past Data Recorded

You would already have copies of your Franchise Brand Audit checklists. Simply map these to your internal audit tasks, and make sure you're always compliant with the latest WHO, CDC, COVID guidelines.

Delightree Records all your past audit history. External Audits can become a simple showcase of your last 3 month Internal Audits directly within Delightree.

Save time and hassles of showcasing audit records on paper. With Delightree you can instill the confidence of Auditors that you're always compliant.

Spend valuable time building relationships with Auditors, and learning how you can stay ahead in the compliance race.

Win Back Customer Confiance with COVID-19 Dashboards

Delightree helps you select and showcase all Sanitization Tasks on any laptop, ipad or screen within your store.

Showcase all store sanitization operations, when these were last done and by whom.

Showcase COVID-19 specific tasks like temperature checks of employees, to win back your customers trust.

With no extra effort, all your Sanitization tasks are displayed to customers - ensuring you're always COVID-19 compliant.

Ensure Compliance with OSHA Regulations

With Delightree, you can ask all your employees across locations are taking breaks in accordance with their shifts, and compliant with OSHA guidelines.

With Delightree, lunch and snack breaks are converted into simple tasks.

Employees get notified on their phones, when to take a break. When an employee marks the task as done, the details are stored.

At, weekly or monthly levels, you can check who all across locations have taken breaks on time, and following OSHA regulations.

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